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A streamlined approach to sharing, editing and collaborating

  • A major study finds nearly 20% of information workers' time lost to inefficiency

  • Workers can’t collaborate if they can’t find source documents and align schedules

  • Over $16,340 USD lost per employee, per year

Improving your workplace environment

ActiveWriteTM saves you time and money

  • Central repository for all corporate documents

  • Workers perform tasks on an “as able” basis

  • Increase efficiency

Simplifying the editing process

Collaboration made easy

  • Capturing related thoughts from different viewpoints

  • History of edits and comments preserved for a lifetime

  • Increase accuracy

Freedom. From. Files.

Content is more important than construct

  • Transforming documents into information

  • Consuming information as living content rather than file versions

  • Multiple opinions, accurate content, increased relevancy

Ready to transform your business?

ActiveWriteTM, the evolution of content creation

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